I attended Post Graduate Certificate Level Wireless Engineering course organised Mr Rob Gardiner with University of Wolverhampton based in Telford. I spent a total of three weeks there. The course really opened my eyes to wireless technology evolutions and its wider application. As I had spent many years in the Communications field of HM Forces it was very easy for me to grasp the technology and achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in not only amazing but the employer outside really value this qualification and puts one well ahead of your peer group. This qualification hugely complements and enhances the experience and qualification of ex service personnel and increases the prospects of entering Telecommunications industry seamlessly. It makes you a much stronger candidate you are trying to be employed as an Engineer or a Manager in these industries. As the market is very competitive in civilian street, it’s absolutely critical we have a clear grasp of these technologies and how the companies operate outside, and thereby adding the values to the new employers.

Having just the left forces it was a very useful course for me. I hugely thank Mr Gardiner for organising this course and looking after me very well during our stay with the University of Wolverhampton.