It wasn’t until I started to write my CV that I realised I didn’t have any formal qualifications to show for 22 years of telecoms experience. I discovered Ubi-Tech through word of mouth and due to the fact they offered a post graduate certificate I expressed interest on their website and within 5 minutes Richard Lee was on the phone giving me all the details.
Apart from the qualification what really sold the course to me was the aftercare that Ubi-Tech offered. This wasn’t your average resettlement course of take your money and now you’re on your own, they were offering CV writing advice, meetings with company directors and actively searching for a job for YOU!
My CV went from the generic CTP course written one to something very professional and something I’m proud of. All my work colleagues were asking for copies as it was that far advanced from CTP.
Mike would email me that he’d sent my CV to a company or agency, ones I’d never heard of and probably wouldn’t have looked to for work. These guys have a wealth of experience within telecoms and know exactly where to look for work.
I was very fortunate to be asked to interview for an agency looking for a Project Engineer working for Nokia, which involved planning and building mobile phone masts and antennas. This was all set up by the team at Ubi-Tech and after just one interview I got the job. This would not have been possible without Ubi-Tech’s help and I’m tremendously grateful to them for it. I would strongly urge anyone wishing to pursue a career in telecoms to attend this course, you’re getting a whole resettlement package and then some!