I have just left the Royal Signals, working as a Communications Systems Operator for twelve and a half years. I have served in Germany and Northern Ireland, and have deployed on operations in Iraq and three tours of Afghanistan. My last role was as an Instructor at the Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (MTMC) specialising in Electronic Counter Measures (Force Protection).

Although I have had an amazing experience in the Army, I decided it was time for a career change and new challenges. I had already attended one resettlement course but didn’t feel I had the qualification that I wanted after serving for so long in telecoms. So I looked into the course run by Ubi-Tech, and after speaking to Richard Lee a few times I booked myself onto the course in July.

The course was exactly what I was hoping for and so much more! For example, learning in depth about mobile networks from 2G right the way up to 4G LTE. It isn’t a typical military resettlement course, where the instructors get their money and a tick in the box! The instructors helped me adapt my CV to fit in with the industry, which actually got me an interview during the time of the course. They also gave me interview advice and helped me prepare, as this was my first job interview in thirteen years. I was subsequently offered the job and I start at the end of August! I cannot express enough how helpful the course was, not just the content but the instruction and methods are brilliant, as well as the on-going help and support provided by the Ubi-Tech team. We had numerous visitors during the course that wanted to talk to us about work in the telecoms industry.  I have also joined the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals which enables me to keep up to date with industry. All of this from one course, for all of those looking to work in the telecoms industry when they leave the services regardless of cap badge… I can’t recommend it enough!