Being Ex Forces,  I remember being told how to operate equipment but not nessecary understand how they work.   Doing the Post Grad Cert in Wireless Communications did just that.  I found it very relaxed and  It helped me understand the fundamentals that make communications systems work and how they have been evolutionised for consumer demands, as well as topics based on IOT.  The three week course is alot to digest, however very interesting.  During my course the instructors were very proffesional and will go through topics as many times as there is a need so that everyone in the class has the same standard of knowledge. 

From considering to enquiring and attending the course I believe it’s my money well spent.  The reasons are due to the amount of information, advice and aftercare I got  ready for aquiring employment in the Telecoms industry.   I would like to thank  everyone at Ubi-Tech for a great experience.  Anyone who is considering this course I would highly recommend it, as I believe gaining valuable knowledge, contacts from the course and eventually gaining a Post Grad Cert qualification will stand anyone in good stead.’