This course was breaking new ground for me and I was a bit apprehensive before starting, but after talking to members of the team and finding out what potentially could be on offer to me after the course and gaining my PG Cert I was more than put at ease and eager to start.

The whole team are approachable, I don’t think I’ve ever had the head honcho talk to me as a normal bloke before, which is a testament to their approach as many of them are ex forces they understand the mentality of the guys that are leaving and are more than happy to chew the fat with you over a brew.

The training and the delivery was to the point and very informative, I know I have definitely learnt new things, even if you’re not too sure about a particular subject they are more than happy to explain it again or even stay behind after the days training with you to help you get it in a way you will understand.

All in all I think that doing this course is the best decision I have made in my transition from army to civilian life as I have recently been given a contract with Virgin Media and I am sure that if I hadn’t have done this course I wouldn’t have the offer at all, having M.I.T.P and PG Cert Graduant on your CV will make any employer sit up in their chair and look at you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and the hard work these guys put into this, it is well worth the money and definitely something you will always be glad you did.