After spending over 30 years in the RN and enjoying a full career in Telecommunications and Information Systems the prospects of entering civilian life was exciting, but also mildly worrying.

Finding a course that I would find interesting and worthwhile was not easy and I was intent on getting the most benefit from my resettlement allowances.

With a view to entering the Telecommunications industry, I attended the Post Graduate Wireless Systems Engineering courses at Wolverhampton University delivered by Ubi-Tech, which I found both interesting and enjoyable. The courses gave me a valuable insight into industry technologies, with the highlights of the courses being visits to Alcatel-Lucent, UK Broadband and Networks-by-Wireless. These courses were of a high calibre, crammed with relevant content and included most informative lectures from a number of guest industry experts.

I had previously completed a Masters degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry before I attended Wolverhampton University and I have taken up an opportunity as an IT Project Manager working with HP, but I would strongly recommend the Ubi-Tech courses to any SNCO/Officer who is wishing to take up a career in the telecommunications industry.