Upon leaving the army after 11 years I attend the postgrad with Ubi-tech and I am glad I did. The postgrad course offers a vast insight into the GSM, Wireless technologies and also moves onto the technologies that are used in Long Term Evolution. For anyone hoping to move into these sectors this course is a must.

The modules within the Postgrad are divided into manageable sections which combined with my previous experience gave me the confidence and experience I needed to move into the telecoms industry. The course content coupled with expert tuition from Rob and Richard meant that I had numerous job opportunities and was able to select the position that was right for me. I am also able to rely on Rob and Richard to provide support to me further down the line if I require any assistance in my new position or indeed finding a new position. During the first week of the course I was offered a position as an engineer which I declined and then within 3 weeks of the course end I took a job with a major telecoms player.

I would recommend this course to anyone that has a desire to learn and anyone that wishes to gain a successful well paid career.

Rob Myall