Volunteering for the recent M.O.D 20/20 cut backs was a career changer in its self. However the beaming light at the end of the tunnel was Ubi-tech. Richard Lee (ex Army) and current operations director of Ubi-tech could not accommodate more. Picking up the phone any time of day to advise on any point in the resettlement process, even driving down to my location on several occasions.

The course it’s self ran predominately by Rob Gardiner (ex Navy) and current Managing Director, is the best course I have ever been on. The nature and process are second to none and the instructional capability is unrivalled.

After the course I have been overwhelmed with the opportunities in the palm of my hand. And all thanks to Ubi-tech. Don’t do this course for anyone else do it because you deserve a successful career not a 9-5 job.

Ed Whittaker