I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to do when I left the Royal Navy, and more importantly what I wanted to spend my ELC on. I knew I wanted to work in the telecoms industry as it is an interesting and always evolving industry. And when I saw what the Post Graduate Wireless Communications course that Ubi-Tech offered I couldn’t wait to get started.

I spent my time in the Armed Forces as a Communications and Information Systems specialist (CIS) and I found the course content easier to understand by having so much exposure to some of it whilst serving in the Armed Forces. The level of instruction from all the instructors is very good, and I found the visits to different micro and macro sites not only very interesting, it helps confirm by seeing what is learned in the classroom so much more than just talking about it.

At the time of applying for the course I was waiting for some money to come through so Richard approved a payment plan with me then a deposit was paid, then either before, during or after the course was completed I was able to pay the outstanding balance when I had it. Without that arrangement I would not have been able to attend.

I found writing the weekly assignments helped me understand in great detail the topics we were learning about on the course. I also found the visits to the course from telecoms companies’ managing (or operational) directors a very good way to get yourself in front of important people who you may never get a chance to speak to unless you pass the first sift at CV trawl stage, which we know is sometimes hard when you’re up against other people with the industry experience behind them.

Now, those companies employ directly from the pool of Ubi-Tech students knowing the calibre and high standards of Ex-Armed Forces they can have working for them.

Since completing the course I now have the confidence to start up my own Limited Company and venture out into the telecoms industry knowing I am a suitably qualified professional. And if I need some industry questions answered I know the team at Ubi-Tech will always be happy to help out where they can.

And they give you free lunch every day, what more can you want from a course!