Having served 12 years in the Engineers as a c3s NCO, it was time for a change. Seven clicks later, it was time to think about resettlement. A minefield in its own right, lots of firms offering an array of courses and qualifications, and a feeling of “they only want my money”. So after much research I found Ubi-Tech, although I don’t think they were lost.

I can hand on heart say this is one of the best decisions I have made.

From the first inquiry Ubi-Tech was a cut above everyone else, they didn’t need to give me the big sell, they were confident in their product. All information I requested was delivered promptly and accurately. So an easy decision was reached, Ubi-Tech for me!

I was not disappointed, upon arrival the Ubi-Tech team where incredibly helpful, the structure is second to none as is the knowledge of everyone involved at Ubi-Tech. Easy, it is not. But well worth the effort you have to put in, the knowledge gained from the course is immense and opens up a whole new world.

Once I finished the course the support did not stop. I was kept informed of any job openings and work experience. I applied for jobs way out of my depth, and received a fast ball interview. I emailed a member of the Ubi-Tech team for advise (this was outside of working hours) and received the most helpful advice after only an hour, the information given to me, got me through the first round of interviews, I have now been offered the job, and this genuinely would not of been possible without the training I received from Ubi-Tech. 100% the best choice for anybody considering a career in the telecommunications industry.

Thank you Ubi-Tech you legends.