On being informed by the military that I was being medically discharged I found myself in a situation in which I didn’t know which route to take in civilian life. Within the military I had gained a wealth of experience and expertise with regard to telecommunications and the RF spectrum, but was unable to convey that within a CV. This course enabled me to not only prove that I had the requisite knowledge to an employer, but I was able to translate that knowledge and experience into a qualification above the standard degree level; this has put me in an extremely advantageous position.

The course was excellent and the instructors were focused on the group being able to meet the criteria required in the future at interview. Additionally, the help received with CV writing and industry visits resulted in me having a choice of job opportunities post course. I have now received an excellent opportunity from one of the market leading companies, I am being paid a far greater salary than in the military and I have fantastic future prospects.

The course is an excellent boost into civilian transition for those wanting a career within the telecommunications industry.