Just thought I would give you a heads up. I attended the course in Feb this year and finally left the service in May. I took the decision to give myself a minimum of 6 months sabbatical to re-charge the batteries after 25 years service.

In Sept I kicked it up a gear and applied for jobs, got a good number of positive responses, call backs and asked to conduct online assessments. One of the interviews was with Wild West Net as a site surveyor for microwave WIFI installations in rural areas. On the interview, once I explained how I conduct comms recces when in the military and throwing in a few buzz words leant on your course, he was more than impressed. He called me back a few weeks later and actually offered me a role up as a regional planner and I have my own region of North Devon to play with and with BT finally saying where they plan to put fibre in Devon & Somerset, we know the other 10% of the county that needs other Hybrid means of receiving broadband. What is great I don’t even have to do the weekly commute that I was planning for the next few years, my office is a car, I get to spend all day out in the countryside of N Devon and even work from home to complete any paperwork/IT stuff.

So from me, happily pass on the lads and lasses on your current courses that it is achievable and it does take patients. From the start I geared my resettlement to staying in the Telcomms industry, I may have all my eggs in one basket, but it paid off.

Please pass on my regards to the rest of the crew at Ubi-tech