Hi, my name is Gary Molloy and I attended the Telecommunications modules delivered by Ubi-Tech in conjunction with Wolverhampton University.

When I left the Air Force I wanted to work off-shore subsea industry and found it extremely difficult to get the break that I needed.

I decided to train in the Telecoms industry. As it is a very exciting time in the Industry.

I attended the courses run by Ubi-Tech and found them excellent, the course was first class and I attended an industry day at the end of the course and was offered an interview on the day, I attended the interview and was offered a good job with great prospects but decided that I would stick to my guns and try and work off-shore.

Great news, due in the main to the course and knowledge gathered on the course I was offered a job working off-shore on V-Sat comms. I would strongly recommend the course to those wishing to join the telecommunication industry. The qualifications are world recognised and the technology is cutting edge.

Many thanks Ubi-Tech.