After leaving the Royal Corps of Signals I found myself at a loss as to how to proceed into “Civvy street” and, frankly, I became increasingly sceptical of the various learning providers to be found in the publications stacked up in the Education centres and various learning establishments offered by the forces. They all seemed to offer the same things.

Due to being medically discharged I had ample time to pick and choose what it was I embarked on next and after researching ubi-tech and what it is that they offer, I booked onto all three courses, back to back, and haven’t looked back since.

The company is run by ex-military and private sector experts who are exceptional at what they do. The team is supportive and accommodating in every way with a vested, genuine interest in your future and what they can do to help you progress.

The subject matter is clear, concise and put forward in a way that is understandable to those familiar with communications systems and those who are not. As I am now working in the industry, I can categorically say that the course content is not only current it also fundamentally useful. It was also very clear from the course delivery that the syllabus stems from experience spanning decades and not just spawned from the pages of a script.

As a direct result of this course I was offered a Technical Consultancy Role with the leading Small Cell solutions provider where the knowledge gained at ubi-tech has been put through its paces daily as I still find myself referring to my notes or having a “What was it that Rob said?” moment

I can’t thank or recommend you enough gentlemen.

David Marshall
Technical Consultant