After spending eight years in the Royal Engineers as a Communications Systems Specialist it was time for a change. After a lot of research on what course to choose for my resettlement I decided to give Ubi-Tech a call after looking at their website. I had a long chat with Richard Lee discussing the course content and possible career paths. Five minutes into the call I knew this was the course for me and two weeks later booked myself a spot on the July 2015 course.

There are many aspects that make this course stand out miles from anything I have done before. The course content and the way the three weeks are structured covering 2G through to 4G, Project management and Wi-Fi and WiMAX Technologies. When you look at the amount of topics covered over each week you might think this is a lot to take in but the instructors have a teaching method which make this possible and every day you surprise yourself in how much you learn. I had my first Interview by the Thursday of week one through the unbelievable networking that Ubi-Tech provide. My C.V was given a make- over and is now something that stands out and I am proud of. There are many practical elements mixed in with site visits which build your confidence in the subjects that are covered as a consolidation. The Incredible knowledge that the instructors have is obvious and they are happy to answer any questions you have and give helpful advice at any time.

I have recommended Ubi-Tech to people and will continue doing so. This is a five star course and I can honestly say hand on heart has changed my life, and would like to thank every member of the Ubi-Tech team for making that happen.