After 12 years serving as a Communications Systems Engineer in the Royal Signals it made sense for me to continue my career path in the communications industry. I was unsure of what courses to do with my resettlement as there were so many out there, but after speaking with Richard Lee on the phone and discussing the content of the course, the qualification gained at the end and the extra things Ubi-Tech provided I chose to complete the Post Graduate Certification in Wireless Communications course.

The wide range of knowledge and experience from all the staff at Ubi-Tech is what really makes this course stand out. It takes you through the first two weeks covering 2G through to 4G, it seemed like quite a lot to take in at first but due to the instructor’s experience and teaching methods he was able to make sure everyone grasped what was being taught. The project management module was an extremely useful few days by the end of which you feel that project management is a viable path to move towards. The course then takes you through WiMAX and Wi-Fi, getting hands on practical experience. Not only are you gaining the PG Cert qualification but there are the extras that they provide too; helping you network from the very start of the course, Mike Harbon developing your CV to something that will stand out in the industry and constantly sending links to potential employers and job opportunities. On top of this Rob Gardiner’s 40 years’ experience and knowledge of the industry is invaluable.

Before the course was complete I was asked to attend a job interview for a job opening Mike highlighted to us. The course content is exactly what employers are looking for and I was offered the job there and then.

I cannot recommend Ubi-Tech enough, the course and staff were fantastic and I would like to thank them all.