Having read the other testimonials on the website I can whole-heartedly agree with the other Ubi-Tech grads.

Ubi-Tech as a training provider is first class. The staff are exceptional and every aspect of the course is well structured, organised and delivered fantastically.

Each of the 3 weeks of their resettlement training is interesting, engaging and challenging in equal measure. For those looking to gain an insight into the telecommunications world then look no further, the staff will answer every question you may have.

Having served as an EW SYS OP in the Royal Signals I had a niche set of skills that were not entirely relevant to civilian organisations, Ubi-Tech bridged that gap. The knowledge gained while on course, along with their extensive list of contacts made Ubi-Tech the perfect catalyst enabling me to embark on a telecommunications career outside of the military.

What makes Ubi-Tech stand out from the hordes of other training providers is that they truly understand the unique set of skills and disciplines that service personnel possess.

A distinctly unique feature about Ubi-Tech is the immense value for money, for me this has come in the form of the “aftercare”. Once you have attended their training courses you then become eligible to attend those same courses again, FREE OF CHARGE!!!!  Should you need a refresher to facilitate the writing of assignments or brush up on theoretical aspects in preparation for a new job role Ubi-Tech will happily oblige.

The staff are friendly, approachable and will quite literally bend over backwards to assist you in any way they can. If you feel need extra tuition you only need ask, the staff will ensure you aren’t left behind. What makes the staff so effective is their genuine passion and interest in the subject matter, they immerse themselves in the content and this is certainly reflected in their delivery. Once you leave Ubi-Tech HQ after course you aren’t forgotten, regular contact is maintained and should you require any assistance moving forward they are only a phone call/email away.

Since leaving the forces Ubi-Tech have had a direct hand in my gaining employment within a telecommunications organisation, and I know the same applies to many of their ex-students. I cannot thank the staff enough for the training I received, the way I was treated on course, am still treated as an alumni and the plethora of opportunities that are now available to me. I fully intend to be associated with Ubi-Tech for a long time, and I would advise those looking to leave the forces and enter the telecommunications world to make Ubi-Tech their first choice.