First and foremost, the staff at Ubi-Tech are excellent at what they do. The previous testimonials have already outlined what I will add to. The course content is of great interest and opens your eyes up to how the world of telecoms works. I spent 5 years in the Royal Signals as an Electronic Warfare Op, the cliché of “bridging the gap” was a great struggle for me until I attended the course, Ubi-Tech know exactly how to aid you in that situation and the contacts they have are second to none.

Not only do the incredible instructors teach you with great joy and enthusiasm, they also take a great deal of pride in the students actually understating the content. It’s not a case of teaching you to pass an exam, its giving you a breadth of knowledge in the field.

Furthermore, the extra benefits that the staff do not have to give and it’s all free of charge include CV writing and reviewing, interview prep and industry visits from many different companies that will be looking at you as a student with a keen eye.

Personally for me the course was a great success, I would count the instructors as friends and I have now interviewed for excellent career moves which I would never have had a chance at without Ubi-Tech.

All I can say is even if you have no background of telecoms or experience, it does not matter, they take you from zero to hero in a matter of weeks. Give this course serious consideration and please make the most of the opportunities they provide.

Finally a massive thank you from myself to all at Ubi-Tech.