What is a Level 7 Qualification?
A level 7 qualification is at a Masters level, a first degree B.Sc. or similar is a level 6 and a Doctorate is set at level 8.
What is a UCAS point?
UCAS point is a tariff system whereby students can amass or transfer credits please refer to www.ucas.com/students/ucas_tariff
Can I transfer UCAS points from other qualifications that I have?
Yes indeed, Universities have a reciprocal agreement that modules can be transferred, all cases are looked at on an individual basis and the subject matter should be related.
Which University accredits the course?
University of Wolverhampton; other Universities have approached us to deliver similar types of courses.
How can Ubi-Tech provide a course at level 7?
By Partnering with an Academic institute, Ubi-tech have enviable industry links, [please refer to our website] and our strong academic background. We have a Professor and a Doctor on our academic staff that have worked in Academia for many years, see our staff profiles on the website.  We take into consideration courses that students may have covered prior to the course and any work experience they may have. This is called APL, accreditation with prior learning.
Who pays for the course, where can I get funding?
The courses are funded in the main by your ELCAS funding. (ELCAS number available on Request). Remember the individual has a mandatory personal contribution to make, however the MoD will fund the bulk of the Qualification.
I have never been in the forces but have experience in the telecoms world, can I attend the course?
Yes of course, the courses will take you through the modern technologies and explore future technologies as they evolve.
What kind of job can I expect to get after completion of the course?
Many of our students on completing the courses go on to a very successful second career. We do have a number of testimonials on our website; please browse through to see a sample.
Will the course help me to get a job?
Should you decide that the future for you lies in Telecommunications, IT or Telecoms Forensics your job prospects will be greatly enhanced. On all of our Industry visits candidates have been asked to leave their CV’s. One recent student was offered a job interview whilst on an Industry visit day.

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