What is a Post Graduate Certificate?
A Post Graduate Certificate (PG Cert) is a level 7 qualification, this is one level above a degree on the qualifications framework. The PG Cert in Wireless Communications will give you 60 UCAS points, this is one third of a masters and will be recognised by Universities within the UK if you wish to continue to complete a Post Graduate Diploma or full Masters.
What is a Level 7 Qualification?
A level 7 qualification is at a Masters level, a first degree B.Sc. or similar is a level 6 and a Doctorate is set at level 8.
What is a UCAS point?
UCAS point is a tariff system whereby students can amass or transfer credits please refer to www.ucas.com/students/ucas_tariff
Can I transfer UCAS points from other qualifications that I have?
Yes indeed, Universities have a reciprocal agreement that modules can be transferred, all cases are looked at on an individual basis and the subject matter should be related.
Which University accredits the course?
University of Wolverhampton; other Universities have approached us to deliver similar types of courses.
Who pays for the course, where can I get funding?
The courses are funded in the main by your ELCAS funding. (ELCAS number available on request). Remember the individual has a mandatory 20% personal contribution to make. You are also able to fully self fund the course.
I have never been in the forces but have experience in the telecoms world, can I attend the course?
Yes of course, providing you have worked within a telecommunications role for a minimum of 3 years.
Will the course help me to get a job?
Should you decide that the future for you lies in Telecommunications, IT or Telecoms Forensics your job prospects will be enhanced.
I am not familiar with academic writing, what support would I be given?
During the first week of the course, you will receive a lesson on academic writing. You will also be set short pieces of homework to help you practice and ensure you are on the right track.
Our instructors are always on hand should you require additional help.
We have a robust review process in place to ensure your papers meet the required standard prior to submission to the University of Wolverhampton.
What are the prerequisites to attend the course?
You must have served within a communications role for a minimum of three years since completing your class 3 or equivalent. You must have permission from your Chain of Command to attend.
Can you deliver a course on camp?
Yes, providing we have minimum numbers of 5 people enroll. We would encourage someone on camp to be the main point of contact and to assist with organising the course.
What times does the course run until?
The course will run between 0900 and 1500 each day.
Do I need to have a Degree before sitting the Post Graduate Certificate?
No, The University recognise that you work within a communications role on a day to day basis and have the required prior learning to attend a course at this level. For further information, please visit accreditation of prior learning.
Am I able to use my ELCAS towards funding the course?
You are able to use your £1000, £2000 or aggregated claim of £3000 towards the cost of the course.
How do I pay my personal contribution?
You will be invoiced upon booking. £700.00 of your personal contribution is due to be paid prior to the first day of the course starting.
You are able to pay the remainder in one lump sum or you can split this in to 4 installments. This will be taken by direct debit on the first of each month, starting on the 1st day of the month you attend the course. There is an administration fee of £30.00 for this option.
I am not able to have 3 weeks off at a time, can I break the course down?
The course consists of three, week long modules. You are able to complete the course one week at a time over a three month period. Your assignment deadline will commence on the last day of week three.
If I were to book a course and not be able to attend due to work commitments, would there be a financial penalty?
You would be able to rebook at a later date. There would be no financial penalty for this.
Once I have competed the course, I may be deployed within the 6 months given to write my assignments, are there any measures in place to support this?
Ubi-Tech understand that service personnel can be deployed at short notice. If this happens during your assignment writing period, you are able to request an extension. Extensions are considered on a case by case basis and are given at the discretion of Ubi-Tech.
Is there a progression from the PG Cert?
Ubi-Tech are currently working on putting together a Post Graduate Diploma (PG Dip). When this is ready to deliver, we will inform everyone who has sat the PG Cert.

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