IRIS Service Delivery UK choose Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd as their strategic training supplier. Ubi-Tech are delivering a four-week bespoke programme to induct new Wireless Field Engineers into the workforce. Ubi-Tech will deploy their wide-ranging expertise and knowledge to present training in RF Fundamentals, IP, the cellular network including LTE, power, Radio Base Station, Feeder, Microwave and Fibre.

Ubi-Tech’s specialist training consultants set the benchmark in training standards based on their extensive knowledge gained from careers in defence and global communications. This unique combination of skill and experience enables Ubi-Tech to add real business value by influencing, challenging and leading on cutting-edge skills development and technological innovation.

IRIS Service Delivery UK Limited is an independent company delivering Telecommunications services across Mobile, Fixed and Optical Networks. IRIS uses a proven delivery model that operates globally in partnership with Nokia. Our expertise lies in the implementation of E2E delivery services in all sectors of the telecommunications industry, specializing in mobile, fixed and optical networks. We draw on our extensive experience and knowledge in large scale multivendor environments to deliver high quality projects and solutions that satisfy our customers and importantly their end user.

IRIS delivers telecommunication services throughout the United Kingdom.