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Visit to Blandford

Richard Lee will be visiting Blandford on Wednesday 24th October. He will be in the Corps Museum for a cup of coffee from 1100hrs. If anybody in the area wishes to find out any information about the courses please get in touch and he will answer all your questions on the day.

If you need to know what he looks like he is the handsome fella on the team page. Hopefully see you there.

Comments on Visit to Blandford

There are 4 comments on Visit to Blandford

  1. Comment by nick caswell

    nick caswell

    Richard do you have any info on jobs for ex regs from signals. If so can you let me know

    1. Comment by ubitech


      Nick, I will get in touch with you and we can discuss your options

  2. Comment by nick caswell

    nick caswell

    Cheers buddy. My number just in case is *************

    Thanks again mate (civi)

  3. Comment by Estelle


    Thank You for giving our chaps & chapesses an option & a fighting chance at re-joining civvi street. Hoofing! 😀

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