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Viavi Solutions Partner with Ubi-Tech for Wireless Training

The Viavi display in the Ubi-Tech Boardroom

Ubi-Tech is partnering with Viavi Solutions, a Milpitas, California based network test, measurement and assurance technology company. The company manufactures test and monitor equipment and solutions for networks that are utilized on our programmes by our graduates in the practical work for their courses.  We are excited that Viavi are supporting graduates who will become the next generation of cell site engineers and installers, and those that maintain and optimize these cell sites.

Viavi have supplied Base Station Analyzer JD785B, OLP-88, P5000i and Wi-Fi Advisor solutions for the training of future wireless engineers, ensuring that they have knowledge of their solutions and know how to use them in the field.

Ubi-Tech offer comprehensive training in wireless engineering including a Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications, Project Management, Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner, Advanced Wireless Technologies, Design & Implementation of 4th Generation Networks and Wireless & Radio Engineering.  In additional, they provide structured cabling and Ethernet training and are just about to launch commercial wi-fi installation training and Internet of Things courses.

We have delivered an extensive training programme for Arqiva engineers and provide the Arqiva Passport certification training. Arqiva own a large proportion of cell sites around the UK so holding this passport is a significant advantage to anyone working in the telecoms field. The company also works closely with the military to offer retraining to ex-forces personnel to join the telecoms industry and Continuous Professional Development training to those remaining in the armed forces as part of their career progression.

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