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Ubi-tech’s founder Rob Gardiner honoured with a professorship

Ubi-Tech Co-Founder receives Professorship in Mobile and Wireless Systems

Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd is dedicated to helping individuals develop their telecommunications skills and careers through industry recognised and University accredited qualifications. We excel in delivering up-to-date academic and practical training developed with leading industry experts and academic advisers.

We are therefore delighted to announce that Robert Gardiner, who was one of the founder partners of Ubi-Tech alongside Richard Lee and Mike Harbon has been appointed a Professor at the University of Suffolk.

Professor Gardiner sits within the STEM Faculty and is a Professor of Mobile and Wireless Systems. Robert was appointed by the Appointments and Promotions Board and undertakes a number of roles within his specialism. Robert is delighted to be closely associated with Ubi-Tech and will help ensure that the courses delivered by our company are absolutely current.

“Ubi-Tech have an enviable reputation throughout the telecoms industry and this link with academia will continue to strengthen the Ubi-Tech brand,” says Robert Gardiner, Professor of Mobile and Wireless Systems for the University of Suffolk.

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