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Ubi-tech visited by none other than Alex Polizzi – The Hotel Inspector

We were delighted to be visited by none other than Alex Polizzi and her film crew last week. Alex is famous for being TV’s Hotel Inspector and also for her travel programmes.  Her reason for visiting us is that about 18 months ago she inspected The Blue Inn, which is next door to us, and the programme was subsequently broadcast. Donna, the Blue Inn owner, implemented all of the changes suggested by Alex and after this occurred we moved next door last April  and we immediately recommended that all of our visitors, customers and students stay there whilst we are training them.   As well as the many changes introduced by Donna we have helped play a significant part in the success and upturn in the fortunes of The Blue Inn.  Last week Alex and her production company did a follow up visit to The Blue Inn and she expressed a desire to meet us because of the positive impact we have had on the business.  The production crew filmed Alex visiting our offices and the classroom to see our instructors in action and we were then invited to the hotel for lunch with Alex.

The fact that Alex considered us to be such a major factor in the ongoing success story to the extent that she wanted us to be included in the programme is a huge compliment to Ubi-Tech and naturally we are delighted to be involved in this success story and we wish Donna and her team continued growth and good luck for the future.

We don’t know yet when the programme will be broadcast – probably Autumn or Winter this year.


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