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Ubi-tech maintain their 100% university success rate

We are very pleased to announce that all of our students who submitted their papers last October have now received their official letters informing them that they have graduated and are now fully qualified holders of a Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications thus maintaining our 100% success rate.

Many congratulations to you all and very well done – the whole team at Ubi-tech are immensely proud of your success and you now have just reward for all of your hard work and effort. We look forward to seeing you receiving your PGCWE certificate at your graduation ceremony in your cap and gown which will be a proud day for you and your families.

Below is a photo of a very happy Rachel Turvey with her university letter. Rachel served her country in the Royal Signals for twelve years and after completing her resettlement training with us she secured her first civilian role with Servicom and very quickly her expertise, knowledge and qualities were recognised and she was soon promoted to Service Manager.  Well done Rachel and may you continue to flourish in your career.


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