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Ubi-tech invited to attend the RLC Boxing Dinner

Richard Lee MD was recently invited to attend the RLC Boxing evening at Leconfield – we gladly sent him as we thought he would be representing Ubi-tech in the heavyweight division although hopes of a medal were somewhat pessimistic as, not unlike the Welsh rugby team, his inability to punch his way out of a wet paper bag would be his undoing. However, we were thrilled to hear that apparently it was to represent Ubi-tech in the “socialising and eating and drinking until you are fit to burst division” in which, once again, he proved to be a world class performer.  We are so proud of him! Here he is with Major Huw Williams MBE RLC, Colonel Maneesh Joshi and WO1 Lee Moore RLC poised before the dinner bell rang to announce the commencement of the monumental gorging fest.  Elasticated waistbands were recommended dress apparently.

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