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Ubi-Tech and Ericsson

Ericsson and Ubi-Tech (3R) are working together in a mutually beneficial collaboration that is providing new careers for those leaving the armed forces. Ubi-Tech (3R) Limited are a telecoms training company that specialise in training engineers who are predominantly from the armed forces and have a background in telecoms and are in the process of exiting the MoD with the requisite background experience. They deliver a Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications that is accredited by the University of Wolverhampton and Ericsson have recognised, endorsed and authorised the course as delivering the perfect amalgamation of skills and knowledge required for a career within their engineering divisions.

Ericsson UK face challenges in meeting the ever growing demand for skills in a fast moving and perpetually evolving industry. Our armed forces possess much sought after qualities such as determination, resolve, team work, discipline, motivation and that all important “can do” attitude and have often delivered solutions in highly pressurised and hostile environments. When you merge these qualities with the skills learnt on the Ubi-Tech programme then you have a successful and winning combination that is guaranteed to achieve results.

Such is the regard that Ericsson have for the training programme that Ubi-Tech are now working closely together with them to help meet their business goals and recruitment targets by providing a conduit of talent and expertise directly into their organisation.

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