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Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd is preferred training provider to The Royal Corps of Signals

The Royal Corps of Signals,has contracted UK based telecommunications training specialists Ubi-Tech (3R Ltd) to optimise training provision for their serving personnel. 

From April 2019, Ubi-Tech will be working in partnership with the Royal Signals to deliver an advanced training package designed to meet the requirements of defence communication operatives. Programme content has been developed in line with the Royal Signals, involving theory and hands on learning across a range of communication technologies, facilities, and networks. Soldiers will have the opportunity to complete a full Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications accredited by the University of Wolverhampton and recognised by industry.

Richard Lee, Managing Director Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd says: “To be awarded the  contract to deliver CPD training to the Royal Corps of Signals is very special to me as Managing Director of Ubi-Tech, having served for 27 years with the corps myself.  Our training has been developed to suit the specific needs of serving personnel and is accredited by the University of Wolverhampton and recognised by industry. We will work closely with all our students from the Corps to ensure they get the best of the best in telecommunications training, personal and professional development in support of their chosen career in defence. ”

The partnership has been endorsed with a meeting held (24th April 2019) at The Royal Corps of Signals Headquarters, Blandford attended by Corps Colonel Jason Gunning. 

Colonel Jason Gunning says: “Ubi-Tech’s specialist training consultants set the benchmark in training standards gained from their extensive knowledge of the global telecommunications industry and careers in defence and commercial environments. This unique combination of skill and experience, blended with an inherent understanding of the military and specific knowledge from serving with the Royal Corps of Signals enables Ubi-Tech to add real value and a positive impact on the Corp’s operational capabilities. We are looking forward to hearing feedback from course delegates and bringing their new knowledge and skills into the Corps.”

Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd have been providing Defence with specialist telecommunications training solutions since 2012, experiencing rapid growth from their widespread reputation for innovation within the telecoms training industry and through their partnerships with global Telco’s including Ericsson, Iris, and Anritsu.

The programme consists of three core modules covering  Wireless and Radio Engineering, Design and Implementation of 4thGeneration Networks and Advanced Wireless Technologies. In partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, Ubi-Tech accept completion of the R SIGNALS Class 3 Operator course and completion of the R SIGNALS ICT(P) Apprenticeship plus 3 years’ service, (however those without the Apprenticeship standard may be considered on a case by case basis) It is advised by the Unit CoC that the soldier will need at least 12 months to allow completion of the programme. Financial commitment is supported through ELCAS funding.

Soldiers interested in the programme are to  first make contact with their Chain of Command to express their interest. There are several dates available throughout the year at unit locations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

For further information and course enquiries email visit

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