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Rachel Maclean MP visit – official press release



JULY 2017

Local MP Rachel Maclean visits Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd to congratulate them on their partnership with Ericsson

  • Redditch MP Rachel Maclean and Councillor Tom Baker-Price visited Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd, UK front-runners in telecoms training, to congratulate them on their partnership with Ericsson.
  • Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd, Ericsson’s preferred suppliers, are hoping to expand in Redditch and are a strategic, accredited supplier to Ericsson.
  • Ubi-tech (3R) Ltd and Ericsson have a treasured relationship and have worked for a long time to build a successful partnership. MP Rachel Maclean was happy to see a good and equal relationship between a small company and a multinational organisation.

Photo caption: Left to right – Cllr. Tom Baker-Price, Mike Harbon, MP Rachel Maclean, Rich Lee, Chris Turvey.

Local MP Rachel Maclean and Councillor Tom Baker-Price visited Ubi-Tech (3R) ltd, a Redditch based company and UK front runners in telecoms training, to congratulate them on their successful partnership with Ericsson, global leaders in communications technology.

MP Rachel Maclean, says: “Thank you for showing us around your very impressive business. I’m pleased I could visit, and my congrats to you for your success.”

Ubi-Tech is currently the preferred supplier to Ericsson for telecoms training and are a strategic and accredited supplier. The four-week course being run by Ubi-Tech for Ericsson is called the Field Operatives Training Programme. With a total of 12 attendees per course it is expected that over 260 people will go through the programme in total.

Rachel Maclean has a shared passion for telecoms and having herself built a business in IT and software, she has an understanding of the challenges small businesses face when working with multi-nationals. Rachel was happy to see such a good partnership where Ubi-Tech is being treated as a partner, not as a small business.

Ericsson and Ubi-Tech have worked together for a long time to build a successful relationship and Chris Turvey from Ericsson believes that this partnership is very important. Ericsson have a thirteen-year history of quality in the UK and Ubi-Tech’s course reflects the quality that Ericsson want to promote.

Ericsson have three core values: respect, perseverance and professionalism. These values are matched by Ubi-Tech, which has been very important to the success of their partnership. Ubi-Tech are very happy with the partnership and also with the respect and attention they have received from Ericsson.

Ubi-Tech are hoping to expand their business in Redditch, where they have chosen to be located because of the good transport links to rail, road and airports as well as local workers and skills. Councillor Tom Baker-Price is very keen to promote businesses in the area and wished Ubi-Tech and Ericsson success.

Tom Baker Price, Councillor, says: “I want you to succeed and I want you to stay here because I believe what you are doing is important.”


Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd

Telephone: 01527 529750

Media and Press Enquiries:

Christine Dedman – Forces Enterprise Network

Telephone: 07473 100 919


Notes to editors

About Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd:

  • Richard Lee, Managing Director co-founded Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd in 2012 following an illustrious 27-year career in the Royal Corps of Signals. Joined in 2014 by Mike Harbon as Operations Director whose previous experience spans the Royal Navy to Head of technical skill development for the EMEA region of AT&T.
  • Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd provides bespoke training and consultation programmes for telecommunications firms and Defence CPD.
  • Official training provider to Ericsson FSO
  • Programmes include:
    • Advanced wireless technologies Radio engineering    4th generation Networks  WI-FI and IP   Cellular and mobile   Level 7 programme
    • University of Wolverhampton accredited Post-Graduate in wireless communication – 100% pass rate 2017

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