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PG Certificate course for Royal Logistic Corps a resounding success

As part of their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) we delivered our Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications to a group of Royal Logistic Corps Communications Specialists at their base in Leconfield during August.

After the course completion we received the following message from WO1 Lee Moore, Training Officer at Leconfield.


I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for the professionalism and gold standard delivery of the PG Cert in Wireless comms to my soldiers.  All those involved have extensively and positively expressed that the quality of the knowledge, development and technical expertise acquired as a result of undertaking this programme is valuable.  They all agree that they now feel better equipped to implement, manage, utilise and manipulate our, current and future, tactical G6 systems to facilitate C4i for the CSS element to which they are attached.  I look forward to progressing with this programme in the future and am now focused on the next course being delivered in Feb 17.


RLC Aug 16

CIS civ crs

Thank you Lee for your kind words and congratulations to the class and best of luck with your assignments, we look forward to your graduation in the near future and to delivering the next programme in February 2017.

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