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New State of the Art Classrooms at Ubi-Tech

During the Christmas 2016 break Ubi-tech completely refurbished their classrooms and offices and invested heavily in state of the art presentation equipment to further enhance and improve the learners’ experience.

We have installed 4k HD 85″ TVs in the classrooms – the clarity, colour, definition and depth of image is frankly astonishing.  The instructor’s deliver their instruction through hand-held iPads with a stylus that enables them to write or draw directly to the iPad and the image is then projected via wireless to the TV screen.  They can also deliver presentations or instantly access YouTube videos or any other internet based learning source.  We still make use of the good old analogue whiteboard when needed!

The classrooms are large, spacious, airy and have plenty of natural light and there are several wall mounted noticeboards with information and diagrams relevant to the subject matter.  We normally restrict maximum class size to 12 students but there is plenty of space to increase this capacity should a customer require.

The ground and first floor classrooms each have their own kitchenette and comfy rest areas furnished with leather Chesterfield sofas.  Tea, coffee, water and confectionery is freely available at all times during the day. All student tables and the very comfortable chairs are also new.

We have also invested heavily in telecoms technical equipment including Spectrum Analysers, SiteMaster and SiteAgent test and analysis, Air Magnet Zone Planner, Ruckus Wi-Fi, Ubiquiti Wireless LAN and Point to Point, Wireless Broadband, WiMAX and Microwave Links and Avanti Satellite Communications.

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