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It’s Graduation Week!

We are celebrating the success of eight of our students at the University of Wolverhampton’s Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations to Leon Hartley, Andrew Peddelty, Essa Gaye, Paul Smith, James Wookey, Michael Ford, Amit Shakya and Scott Andrew Vernon.

Major Jay Goodchild of the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC RHQ) said: “ I am extremely encouraged that soldiers within the RLC  have the opportunity to professionalise their skill set in line with their civilian counterparts whilst working with an industry recognised training provider who are willing to go that extra mile in support of our soldiers.”

Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd has been providing Continual Professional Development (CPD)  training to the Royal Logistics Corps since 2016 and is committed to inspiring and enabling access to industry recognised training for service personnel.

“The achievement of our students graduating this week is no mean feat. Our Post-Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications is an in depth course and requires dedication and commitment which our students have shown throughout the duration of the programme, their success is made all the greater for their ability to balance service life and responsibilities in tandem,  for this  I applaud them all,” Richard Lee Managing Director.”

Royal Logistic Corps (RLC)

We run programmes for the RLC throughout the year. If you are serving with the RLC and would like to register your interest contact the Communications Specialist Head of Trade based at Normandy Barracks, Leconfield.  

For general enquiries or to speak to one of our experienced team please contact:

Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd

Telephone: 01527 529750


L-R Amit Shakya, Major Jason Goodchild of The Royal Logistic Corps Regimental Headquarters, Professor Robert Lucas-Gardiner of Suffolk University and Ubi-Tech, Adrian Priest of The University of Wolverhampton , Michael Ford, Ruth Shiner of The University of Wolverhampton, Scott Vernon,
Andrew Peddelty, Paul Smith, Leon Hartley 2019 Ubi-Tech award winner, James Wookey.

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