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ITP 5G Seminar in London

On May 16th members of the training team attended the ITP seminar; 5G more than yet another generation of mobile technology. It was a very insightful day with talks delivered by BT, Nokia, 5GUK Advisory Board and Cisco on the network architecture and how network slicing will be implemented. The day offered a great deal of information that the training team will use to bolster our current courses on cellular networks and will be very helpful in the creation of brand new 5G courses.

We were greeted by Sue our friend from the ITP and then prepared for a morning of interesting talks from guest speakers:

Prof Andy Sutton – Principal Network Architect BT.

Bhupinder Singh – Customer Solutions Architect Cisco.

Mansoor Hanif     – 5GUK Advisory Board Member.

Paul Adams           – Marketing Director Nokia.

The talks were only very brief overviews, but it was great to have an early insight into an exciting new technology from industry experts. It really hits home how far mobile technology has come since its inception and the drive for ever advancing speeds and Quality of Service (QoS).

There were also 5G demonstrations in coffee breaks showing off VR headsets running 4K 360-degree live feed, something you would only normally have in a fixed line environment.

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