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Enhancing and Accrediting Industry Training

In the wake of the pandemic, the communications industry has been in the spotlight more than ever due to the importance of providing critical infrastructure. Whilst we have seen an obvious impact to the deployment of 5G, the sector as a whole has made some interesting developments and we have seen a step-change in demand for our industry training programmes as telco’s reassess their operational structure. We are also seeing increased investment in staff recruitment as technology firms are actively seeking out qualified, highly trained professionals across the skills range, network designers, infrastructure engineers, RF surveyors and planners, solutions architects’ the list goes on. As the skilled resource pool is limited, companies are starting to accept that recruitment from outside the telecoms sector is now a requirement.

“If engineers and back office staff are suitably trained to transcend technologies this will save on costly rework and skills-fade which could help in reducing company opex. The longer training is postponed the more it will cost your business in the long run. We help our customers to identify long-term training needs and forecast attributed costs to enable telcos to have a tangible long- term plan which can be reviewed, but one that drives improvement and is flexible to respond to the changing face of the telecommunications industry.” Adrian Davies, Head of Training

Request your Training Needs Analysis

  • What are the challenges our customers face? 
  • How are these impacting the business? 
  • What are the desired outcomes?

We look to identify the business metrics that the customer would like to improve, this will enable us to identify the learning outcomes and training objectives.

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