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ELCAS Approval at 98% – some of our feedback

Our ELCAS approval ratings are at 98% and below are just a few examples of the positive feedback on our Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications programme.  All of these comments can be viewed on the ELCAS website

“The course was very informative and will be of great use in the future. Ubi Tech are most helpful prior during and in their aftercare, looking after my interests in the future. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the Telecommunications industry.”

“Ubi-tech 3(R) Ltd are an excellent training provider with a strong understanding of the situation forces leavers are in, many of them having been in the same situation themselves. The course was intensive yet taught in a comprehensive way. I would recommend this course to anyone leaving the military.”

“Outstanding course provider would recommend Ubi-tech to anyone thinking of doing a course.”

“The course was excellent and informative; the instructors were helpful at every turn and would break things down so everyone understood the lesson content. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone in the communications field.”

“I was really happy with the course. The subject matter was relevant and well taught. The tutors also provided a lot of extra assistance with CV writing, industry visits and mock interviews. They understood the needs of people leaving the Forces and offered support if I need it after the course has finished. The only negative was that one of the tutors was new and obviously not as experienced as the others, but this would not stop me from recommending the course to others.”

“The guys at Ubi-Tech are very clever, experienced people in their fields. If someone succeeds in melting your face with brainwaves, it’ll be these guys. After doing this course I fully expect to exceed in a new career, and when my bosses eventually leave the Corps, they’ll be coming to me for a job.”

“Growing Company. Tons of potential for future growth and staff are absolutely brilliant. Helping in matters that they are not required to. Would love to come back at a later date, not fussed what I’d be learning but had a really good time and because of that ill happily come back for another course in the future.”

“Ubi-Tech provide an invaluable course and learning experience for those wishing to go into the Telecommunications field upon leaving the services. By far the best value for money course under the ELC scheme in my opinion.”

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