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Craig McTaggart, from Royal Signals to working, teaching and training telecommunications around the World….

I came across Ubi-Tech during my Army resettlement journey in 2013 and learned that I was eligible to study for a post-graduate degree from the University of Wolverhampton a level 7 qualification in Wireless Communications. After speaking to Ubi-Tech’s Professor Robert Gardiner and Managing Director Richard Lee and getting a good understanding of what they had to offer, I went for it and signed up to the course. The course is no “gimme” but it is very achievable if you’re willing to sit down and put the work in, you can and will pass this and have the proud opportunity of walking on stage at the University of Wolverhampton’s Graduation Ceremony of which I attended and it is a great feeling. Since I gained this degree it has absolutely opened doors for me, working, teaching and training communications around the world, doors that wouldn’t be opened with the industry standard “must have a degree” on the job apps. In 2018, I decided I wanted to do more qualifications and that was an MSc in Telecommunications with Business from UCL. It was a one-year intense Masters course as I decided to go full time and the only reason I was even considered for a placement was because of the PG Cert I achieved with Ubi-Tech. That was pretty much the piece of paper that got my foot in the door. I then went on and passed that Masters course in September 2019 and I now have two degrees opening even more doors for me! If I trace back to where all this started from it was undoubtedly by making the right choice for myself and choosing Ubi-Tech and their PG Cert in Wireless Communications as my training provider and resettlement course. If I were to give anyone leaving the forces and in need of advice it is to look at Ubi-Tech and their courses because the team really do look after you and you do get a formal qualification out of it which in the long run will open more doors and opportunities for you.

So, believe in yourself, trust yourself and know you can do this and you will get that all important qualification at the end of it. 

Certa Cito.

Craig McTaggart, Former Royal Corps of Signals

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