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Are you confident in your IT/Digital/Cyber security?

System security is hot news as the cost of a security breach or data loss can be catastrophic in many ways such as reputational, heavy penalties for loss of GDPR information, loss of customer information and even loss of confidential data on your products and new developments.

  • Can you manage a threat?
  • Do you know where you are vulnerable?
  • Have you considered the consequences of a breach?
  • Would you know of a malicious attempt to gain access to your systems?
  • With the advent of 5G the need for security is greater.

As a defence supplier we are all too aware of how serious these threats are, and we are able to help you defend yourselves with training aimed at all levels of your organisation from end user to manager and your IT specialists.

We can also carry out a thorough examination of your systems by carrying out penetration testing and ethical hacking supported by a comprehensive report identifying weaknesses and recommendations on how to rectify them.

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