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Allan Milburn – CEO IT Installations

Even after many years in the IT and Telecoms industry and as CEO of a telecoms installation company I felt that I still had a lot to learn about the ever evolving multi-layered technology and systems that proliferate within the industry.   I wanted to bring my knowledge and education right up to date and equally as importantly I wanted to attend a training programme that is acknowledged as carrying the highest qualification available, is accredited by the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals and also has a significant reputation in the industry.  The only course I could find that met all of this criteria is the Ubi-Tech Post Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications.

I was not disappointed.  This was without doubt the best course I have ever attended in my career.  Even with my years of experience within the industry I was astonished at the amount of new information and knowledge I learned.  The instructors are supremely knowledgeable and this is derived from their real world backgrounds as network designers, planners, practitioners and implementation experts, and as such they have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the telecom world.

The course challenged me every step of the way, the delivery method constantly kept me stimulated, engaged and involved.

I cannot recommend this programme more highly; my advice for anybody wanting a high earning and rewarding career and wishing to progress to the highest levels in the telecoms industry is to attend this course. It is without doubt the best personal investment you could ever make in your future.

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