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5G What’s it all about and business benefits

What it is all about

5G – what is it?

By tradition, every 10 years or so, a new mobile network has been released and the cellular industry now finds itself investing in yet another mobile network. There are many key drivers for 5G, mainly increased demand of data and connected autonomous services.

5G is the latest (and still ongoing) mobile network to hit the market. 5G is very much still in its infancy and is the talk of the industry. It is however a game changer as 5G will become so much more than a mobile network!

Previous ‘legacy’ networks were designed to serve cellular based traffic, although now some parts of LTE and GSM have been re-used for parts of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and will come to serve other functions in the future.

Why businesses need it

As well as the key drivers, there are also many benefits to adopting this technology. A lot of businesses will benefit from an automation perspective, for example many current day to day processes can most certainly be automated, we have already seen this in the adoption of smart meters, negating the need for a utility specialist to visit a meter the ‘old fashioned way’ this subsequently leads to an increase in efficiency. Some businesses understand the economic benefit by automating a lot of their processes, however, some worry that this will impact negatively on staffing, create skills gaps and require heavy financial investment.

Business benefits

Automation – is one of the main benefits of adopting 5G. This will free current workers up to concentrate on other tasks, such as quality control.

Increased efficiency – By adopting machinery to perform taskings then we can eliminate things such as human error and break times and paves the way for efficiency streamlining.

Cost – The initial outlay is likely to be costly, but by using smart networks there are a multitude of areas that can be considered and most likely improved by using 5G. Areas such as rolling stock, live statistics (such as temperature or air quality sensors), ordering, reduction in waste and a reduction in repetitive tasks as they can be optimised and planned according to need.

Data capture – Pretty much every business generates data in some form. Once considered a waste product, this data is very much now a gold mine of information. It can allow businesses to analyse peoples spending habits and repeat orders, through to an endless variety of sensor information. By analysing this data effectively, there are a multitude of benefits from holding data. This does of course increase the imperative for all businesses to be IT/digital/cyber security aware to prevent data breaches as the consequences can be expensive!


Seeing the ROI – A lot of businesses are struggling to see the cost vs benefit implications. A lot of people argue that LTE is sufficient to support basic services. There are many technologies still to come to reality, such as autonomous vehicles and telesurgery, and these will most certainly need to utilise a 5G network for the reliability and ultra-low latency.

Cost – Like any new technology, implementing a 5G infrastructure doesn’t come cheap, regardless of the size. With many places strapped for cash, businesses must consider their own individual need for 5G and the many benefits it will bring. Convincing people with no signalling knowledge of these benefits, is certainly proving to be a hard task.

If you would like to know more about 5G then give us a call and see if we can aid with your 5G training needs.

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