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Up to 30 TIMES more cost efficient than a traditional university

Mike Harbon

We at Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd are very proud of the courses we offer and acknowledge the quality and success of our programmes’ can only be partially attributed to their planned content. In fact, it is the delivery and expertise of our hand-picked and highly skilled instructors which sets them apart and enables students to really learn and understand their wider trade. With this in mind we were shocked, yet not completely surprised to read a recent article published by BBC Education Reporter, Judith Burns (1st August 2017) to learn that “Some university students receive so little tuition they pay the equivalent of £1,000 an hour for contact with academic staff.”1

According to the article which is based on a research report conducted by Dr Peacey, an Economics Lecturer at the New College of the Humanities, in London; “On average, economics undergraduates receive the equivalent of just 26 hours of one-to-one teaching over a three-year course”2, research published by the journal of Fiscal Studies. The report continues to reveal the decrease in tutor-led under and post-graduate tuition, citing degree programmes such as physics and STEM subjects as only marginally better than that of humanities and the Arts.

We believe that excellent training is not just a simple ‘how to guide’ but an evolving process which draws on a range of teaching methods and allows for knowledge transfer between both the student and the instructor which can be developed with post-course support.

Our basic mode of delivery follows a system adopted by the military which, has proved effective and one that we have all learned during our time in service. The principal follows a four step practical approach giving the student the opportunity to interact and put into practice the skills being taught.

Our university accredited courses at Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd are completely tutor led with students receiving an average 100 hours of class-based training per programme, which based on this article is a whopping 400% more than offered on other university courses. Many of our students have gone on to become innovators and hold senior management positions within the telecoms industry.

Up to 30 TIMES more cost efficient than a traditional university, world class tutors, cutting edge and ‘of the moment’ course content, a 100% pass rate AND strong and rapid career transition and progression for our candidates……

We think that’s what you call value for money!

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  1. Comment by Joni


    I am an American and many years ago I had the good fortune to work with Mike Harbon when we were both with at&t and meet him personally.  He is an extraordinary instructor as are all associated with UBI.

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