Projects governance and structure are critical to the successful delivery, conduct and outcome of commercial projects.  This module will address the actual application of methodology into real world project delivery.  The content is based upon the requirements and understanding necessary for the delivery of technical, service and business change projects and programmes.


Background experience in managing men, materials, timelines and budgets in delivering project objectives is essential; also experience in using Prince2 methodology would be beneficial.


The course is aimed at managers who are looking to develop the skills and knowledge to deliver large projects within specification and to manage real and virtual project teams.

Course content

What is a project?

  • Definitions of project types and description of issues faced in each
  • Project scenarios – definitions and characteristics of leadership requirements
  • Project teams – definitions and characteristics of leadership requirements
  • Building your team

Get the foundations right

  • Methodologies overview
  • Project management tools
  • Gantt in depth

Getting under way

  • Purchasing and procurement in a commercial environment
  • Timelines – commercial time stealers and opportunities
  • Risk – managing and reporting project risk
  • Contingency planning – where, when and how much?
  • Opportunity from risk
  • Multiple projects
  • Finance – project finance in the real world

Man management technique overview

  • Project manager profiles
  • Project management job market
  • Real crisis management – tips/do’s and don’t’s

Course Duration – 5 Days

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