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MATS Initial Basic Tower Climber & Rescue Passport Package

Work at height safety training programme for workers in the telecommunications and broadcast industry.

This 5 day programme compliments the content of our range of telecoms courses to provide you with the skills needed to access and work on tower structures and rooftops.

Programme includes:

MATS Initial Basic Tower Climber and Rescue

  • Legislation & safety standards.
  • Assessing risk.
  • Managing common hazards.
  • Using harnesses.
  • Using fall arrest lanyards.
  • Selecting appropriate anchor points.
  • Using fixed fall arrest systems
  • Using work position lanyards.
  • Using additional fall prevention equipment.
  • Developing rescue plans.
  • Inspecting rescue equipment.
  • Managing suspension Intolerance (syncope).
  • Selecting rescue techniques.
  • Using knots and “off-weighting” techniques.
  • Demonstrating climbing techniques,
  • Emergency evacuation from tower.
  • Descent rescue from permanent guided type system
  • Descent rescue from work position lanyard.
  • Descent rescue of suspended casualty using a fall arrest lanyard.
  • Rescue from permanent guided type system using pulley system “off-weighting casualty”.

Radio Frequency Awareness

  • How electromagnetic fields are generated.
  • The potential effects of over exposure on the human body.
  • Sources of electromagnetic fields.
  • The requirements of the EMF directive.
  • Overview of monitors and dosimeter.
  • The national register of RF workers

Rooftop Safety / Work Restraint


  • Define their work environment in terms of a risk assessment and be able to select the appropriate method of work as a result.
  • Understand what constitutes steep ground and when work position techniques become necessary.
  • Understand the importance of avoidance of the hazard where possible.
  • Understand the correct setting up of work restraint systems.
  • Understand the limitations of retractable lanyards for use in work restraint.


The delegates will gain practical experience of using the following types of equipment to create work restraint systems:

  • Full Body Harnesses
  • Work Restraint and Fall Arrest Lanyards
  • Work Positioning Systems
  • Horizontal trans fastener type systems
  • Temporary Horizontal Safety Lines

First Aid at Height

  • The day to day role of a first aider.
  • How to communicate with a casualty.
  • Communicating with an unconscious casualty.
  • What a first aid kit needs.
  • How to avoid cross infection.
  • Recording an incident.
  • How to apply CPR.
  • How to deal with minor cuts, grazes, burns etc.
  • Dealing with blood loss.
  • Attending a casualty dealing with shock.
  • How to treat a choking casualty.
  • Suspension Syncope/Trauma
  • Spinal Injury Awareness
  • Radio frequency burns and electric shock

Additional Information

This course conforms to MATS requirements and is Arqiva approved for the Gateway access scheme.

For further information, training enquiries and to book please complete the below enquiry form or contact us email telephone 01527 529750.

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