This Ekahau Pro training course provides a comprehensive coverage of Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Surveying and Reporting using Ekahau Pro (formerly Ekahau Site Survey). Focussed lecture sessions and hands-on practical exercises with Ekahau Pro, plus on-site survey and predictive design exercises, are key features of this course. Attendees also learn the key aspects of Wi-Fi life cycle management, including 802.11 / Wi-Fi network and RF essentials, Pre- and Post-deployment site surveys, Predictive design, RF Spectrum analysis, plus many undocumented tips and techniques for expert Wi-Fi network engineering.


3 days



Students should have the following knowledge and skills before attending this course:

The essentials of Layer 2 Ethernet networking
Wi-Fi standards (802.11n and 802.11ac), 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, Wi-Fi APs and clients
Strong computer skills
Each student must bring a laptop to the class (Microsoft Windows 10 laptop, or an Apple Macbook).


Understand Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Site Survey and Reporting in depth.
Perform on-site Passive and Active Wi-Fi site surveys of existing Wi-Fi networks.
Perform Predictive Wi-Fi network design for new and exisrting networks using Ekahau Pro (formerly Ekahau Site Survey).
Troubleshoot and Optimise Wi-Fi networks for better coverage, capacity and performance.

Content Headings

The role of the Wi-Fi network Designer and Surveyor
The Wi-Fi WLAN lifecycle
The different types of WiFi site survey
Passive Wi-Fi survey
Active Wi-Fi survey
Pre-Deployment survey
Predictive Design
“AP-on-a-stick” surveys
Post-Deployment survey
Assessing the Coverage of a Wi-Fi network
Assessing the Capacity of a Wi-Fi network
Identifying the Design flaws in a Wi-Fi network
Identifying the Implementation flaws in a Wi-Fi network
Wi-Fi network Diagnosis
Performing critical tests on a Wi-Fi network

Defining your requirements
The criticality of Wi-Fi network Design and Audit specifications
Understanding the flaws inherent in most Wi-Fi network specifications
Defining your Wi-Fi RF network specification
Defining your Wi-Fi network Capacity Planning rules
The four-step Capacity Planning process

Understanding RF Fundamentals
A quick review of RF bands and rules
The essentials of Wi-Fi WLANs
Understanding dB and dBm
Understanding RF Maths
The rules of 10s and 3s

802.11 / Wi-Fi Network Essentials
802.11 Authentication
802.11 Association
Co-Channel and Adjacent Channel Interference
Understanding Receiver Sensitivity
Understanding Associated Data Rate
Modulation and Coding
802.11 MCS
Asymmetrical / Simplex link operation
How a Wi-Fi NIC Works
Surveying with different NICs
Surveying with Ekahau Sidekick™

Antenna Fundamentals
Antenna gain, dBi, dBr
RF power, IR, EIRP
EIRP and RF maths

Defining the Wi-Fi RF Network Coverage specification
Capacity Planning for your Wi-Fi network

Installing Ekahau Site Survey (ESS)
Getting to grips with key ESS visualisations
Inputting the Network Audit Specification
Understanding the key Wi-Fi network Metrics, Criteria and Conditions
Signal Strength assessment
Assessing Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
Assessing alternate AP coverage provision
Assessing RF Channel Overlap
Assessing Associated and Predicted Data Rates

Auditing an existing network
Visual inspection of the installation
RF Spectrum analysis and review
Drawing immediate conclusions

Assessing and Remediating an Existing Wi-Fi network
Assessing the Capacity of a Wi-Fi network
Identifying the Design flaws in a Wi-Fi network
Identifying the Implementation flaws in a Wi-Fi network
Wi-Fi network Diagnosis
Performing critical tests on a Wi-Fi network
Reviewing the critical ESS visualisations
Drawing conclusions about the installed Wi-Fi networks
– How well are the Coverage requirements met?
– How well are the Capacity requirements met?
– How well is the Wi-Fi network configured?
– What specific improvements should be made to the network?

Wi-Fi Network Design with Ekahau Pro
Improving on an Autoplanner design
Design exercises
– Office space
– Customer-specific space
Drawing walls manually

CAD file Import and wall classification

Advanced Wi-Fi Network Design
Predictive Design using Ekahau Site Survey (ESS)
Designing for Multiple Floors
Designing for Coverage
Designing for Capacity
Using Ekahau Auto-Planner
– Design Exercise: Existing Office Space
– Determining RF attenuation for walls and Attenuation Areas

Re-designing an Existing Wi-Fi network

Performing Manual Site Surveys for a New or Amended Wi-Fi Network Design
“AP on a Stick” Surveys
ESS Reporting Features

Optional LEVER ESSE Certification exam