Course Overview

This course examines the evolution, design and application of Li-Fi as a networking technology. An analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum highlights the impact that Li-Fi technology will have on the spectrum crunch with emphasis on the road to adoption and use-case intentions. The course will conclude with a unique opportunity for individuals to see a full Li-Fi X demonstration offering a real-life experience of the technology.


1 Day

Delivery Method

Classroom based, instructor led tuition with interactive discussions.


This course is an overview for individuals who have an interest in technology that has the potential to change the communications landscape.

Course Prerequisites


Course Objectives

On completion of the course individuals will be able to:

  • Understand how Li-Fi technology provides an attractive alternative to common radio technologies.
  • Understand the different types of Light Communications (Li-Fi, VLC, OCC, FSO)
  • Understand potential use-cases for Li-Fi technology.
  • Appreciate the process of bringing Li-Fi technology to the market.
  • Appreciate the technological evolution of Li-Fi.
  • Understand the basic networking components and air interface composition that makes bi-directional data communications over light possible.

Course Content  

  • An introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Wi-Fi & Li-Fi comparison with emphasis on how they are complementary technologies.
  • An overview of Li-Fi networking components and basic air interface composition.
  • Li-Fi Security
  • Bringing Li-Fi technology to the market and IEEE standardisation.
  • PureLi-Fi.
  • Li-Fi product evolution.
  • Use-cases for Li-Fi.
  • Li-Fi X Demonstration.