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5G What’s it all about and business benefits

What it is all about 5G – what is it? By tradition, every 10 years or so, a new mobile network has been released and the cellular industry now finds itself investing in yet another mobile network. There are many key drivers for 5G, mainly increased demand of data and connected autonomous services. 5G is […]

Passive Intermodulation Testing

PIM comes from two or more strong RF signals mixing in a non linear device. These non linear devices, or junctions, occur in improperly tightened, damaged, or corroded connectors or in damaged antennas. Rusty components, such as mounts and bolts, are also suspect when hunting for sources of PIM. Many common frequency combinations can produce […]

How Light Could Help superfast Mobile Reach Even Further

Ubi-Tech will be announcing our first Li-Fi course very soon, in the meantime, if you are new to this innovative technology, please read this article below which appeared on the BBC website in October. Ubi-Tech are the sole strategic training partner with PureLiFi the innovators and creators of Li-Fi The global race towards superfast […]

The Changing Face of Telecommunications Career Paths

The Telecommunications Industry is evolving quicker than any other UK high growth sector, causing the industry definition to becoming broader and harder to define. The historical industry boundaries, which divided the technology providers are disappearing rapidly. Telcos are increasingly offering a wider range of services and products to stay ahead of this fiercely competitive market […]

5G – The Next Generation of Wireless, Explained.

In the third of a series of articles written by Professor Robert Gardiner, we discuss the factors influencing the roll-out of 5G technology and when it will be consumer ready. How do I get 5G? First and foremost, 5G is not a standalone technology, when the industry migrated from 1G to 2G all the equipment, […]

5G – The Next Generation of Wireless, Explained

This is the second bulletin in our series on 5G written by our Rob Gardiner our associate Professor of Mobile and Wireless Systems 5G – The Next Generation of Wireless, Explained. In the second of a series of articles written by Professor Robert Gardiner, we aim to explain the three major factors that will shape […]

What is 5G?

5G – The Next Generation of Wireless, Explained. In the first of a series of articles written by our very own Professor Robert Gardiner, we aim to explain what the Next Generation Network will be, our expectations and what it means for the future. What is 5G? The term 5G will mean many things to […]

ITP 5G Seminar in London

On May 16th members of the training team attended the ITP seminar; 5G more than yet another generation of mobile technology. It was a very insightful day with talks delivered by BT, Nokia, 5GUK Advisory Board and Cisco on the network architecture and how network slicing will be implemented. The day offered a great deal […]

Ubi-tech’s founder Rob Gardiner honoured with a professorship

Ubi-Tech Co-Founder receives Professorship in Mobile and Wireless Systems Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd is dedicated to helping individuals develop their telecommunications skills and careers through industry recognised and University accredited qualifications. We excel in delivering up-to-date academic and practical training developed with leading industry experts and academic advisers. We are therefore delighted to announce that Robert […]


Effective communication is essential to the success of your organisation whether you are sharing information internally or directly to your customers the method and approach you take is paramount to the smooth running of your business. However, with the plethora of telecommunications devices and technologies how can you ensure that you are using the right […]

LiFi – the future of wireless communications is here!

“Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.”  James Turrell A few years ago, as LED technology began to move from the Laboratory to the production line, it was acknowledged that there was significant potential for the use of LED light sources for a much wider spectrum of application […]

Up to 30 TIMES more cost efficient than a traditional university

We at Ubi-Tech (3R) Ltd are very proud of the courses we offer and acknowledge the quality and success of our programmes’ can only be partially attributed to their planned content. In fact, it is the delivery and expertise of our hand-picked and highly skilled instructors which sets them apart and enables students to really learn and understand their wider trade.