Leading courses, top qualifications and practical training led by a team of experts

Training Designed for Your Needs

We specialise in designing interventions that provide solutions to your identifiable business and performance needs. Off the shelf training very rarely has the desired effect as all businesses experience different problems. Our solution will incorporate your own systems and processes and meet the problems head on.

Return on Investment

Whatever the business objective or performance gap you are experiencing we will help you to identify the measurable reason for the training. This ensures that the solution is focused on improving your business metrics and the effect can be measured and demonstrate a Return On Investment. We have a proven track record of having a significant and positive effect on our client’s bottom line.

Hands-on Training

Together with theory based training, our practical sessions utilise state of the art wireless equipment and includes industry visits.

Training Expertise

Our courses are classroom delivered in an informal fashion by industry experts with many years of field experience.  Courses are a blend of theory, hands-on, syndicate exercises, site visits and project based work.